Make Your Office Carpets Clean And Fragrant

A clean office environment will also certainly make you and your co-workers healthy. However, to maintain this cleanliness, it must be done regularly and diligently, especially if the cleaning staff is limited. Even so, that doesn’t mean you and your colleagues can’t easily clean the office environment to support work. We always think that the most difficult thing to clean and become a dirt-prone object is the office carpet. Don’t let it become a water damage carpet, because it will be more difficult to care for it. Actually, it’s not as difficult as you think if you know how to wash office carpets that are easy and correct. You can ask water damage restoration service.

How to Clean Office Carpets with a Vacuum Cleaner
First, what you must prepare before washing the office carpet is a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck stubborn dust on the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is very effective when you want to remove dirt in the carpet fibers. Because usually, the dirt in the carpet is dust that enters in between. Therefore, vacuum your office carpet first before going through other processes.

Give Carpet Cleaning Powder
The next way to wash office carpets you have to do is to apply a dirt-lifting powder. These chemicals will directly lift the dirt on your office carpet by itself when you let it sit for a while.

Sometimes for carpet conditions that are not too dirty, the use of this powder is very effective because it can lift stubborn dust and dirt easily.
However, for office carpets that are very dirty, of course, it requires further processing so that the carpet is clean again.

Clean with Brush
After it is felt that the powder has absorbed and dissolved the dirt, then you can immediately brush the carpet with an automatic or manual brush machine according to your needs. Make sure you brush thoroughly and evenly on all sides of your office carpet. The process of brushing the carpet is a core part of it all because the cleanliness of the carpet is determined in this process.

Giving Fragrance
Furthermore, at the final stage when you have finished brushing the carpet evenly, you can add fragrance to your office carpet. Use deodorizer sprays and carpet perfumes that really support the work atmosphere in your office to make people more enthusiastic about work.

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