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Stay beautiful, hold time

Date:2017-11-23    Hits:    Font Size:Small Normal Big
Time passes, the years will leave traces on the faces of people, make people look very old. Therefore, women can't resist the effects of lycopene.
It can be said that for our human body, the biggest role of lycopene is antioxidant, which can help us to delay aging. This is why experts advise women eat more tomatoes, one of the reasons and the sunlight, ultraviolet, radiation can have great influence for the skin, accelerate skin aging, wrinkles, spots, etc will follow.
Research shows that when the ultraviolet light skin, the skin of lycopene are destroyed, first in the skin of irradiation of ultraviolet not illuminate skin plasma lycopene decreased by 31% 46%, and beta carotene content is almost the same, that lycopene has strong reducing organization the role of oxidative damage. Lycopene can effectively create a barrier on your skin to protect your skin from injury. In addition, eating more lycopene can also improve skin aging and age spots, so that the skin is white and delicate and elastic.
And lycopene can efficiently enhance our body to the resistance, a large number of studies have found that taking every day 15 mg of lycopene could increase the activity of natural killer cells in 12 weeks, so as to enhance the body resistance.
Lycopene is a very good anti-aging material for women. So lycopene helps you keep the beauty and keep the time!