Company profile

Xinjiang branch yu technology co., LTD is a product research and development as the main body of research and development of science and technology enterprises, specializing in natural products (natural lycopene) separation, extraction, extraction, deep processing business. Companies relying on the advantages of rich natural plant resources in xinjiang, using modern high-tech extraction, separation technology, has developed a variety of natural lycopene series products, such as: natural hydrogen more tomato red oil dementholized resin powder, lycopene, lycopene particles (microcapsule), lycopene soft capsule, etc.; At the same time the company also developed a natural beta-carotene, procyanidins (grape seed extract), seabuckthorn flavonoids (seabuckthorn extract), Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides (Chinese wolfberry extract), salidroside (rhodiola p.e) extract and other series of plant functional ingredients. Company adopts unique microemulsion technology developed worldwide one of the few natural lycopene water dispersible products, in the food, health care products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other fields have wide and good application prospect.
With the aim of "green giving health", the company has always adhered to the development path of high-tech industrialization and continuously improved its core competitiveness. After many years of technical accumulation, the company has been systematically mastered a set of plant extract key technology research and development and production, forming a series of core technology, is now applying for 10 invention patents and 1 utility model patents; Application for filing through two enterprise standards; In 2012, the company was awarded the national high and new technology enterprise. In 2012, we won the joint development demonstration base for the research and development; In 2016, it was recognized as a "innovative pilot enterprise in urumqi city", and in April the same year, it obtained a record certificate of export food production enterprises, and passed the certification of food production enterprise (SC20165010400271) in November. Passed quality management system certification (ISO9001) and food safety management system certification (ISO22000) in 2017. The company already has the GMP standard, the domestic leading plant extraction production line, is the first through natural lycopene QS certification enterprise.
At the beginning of the future is based on long-term development, the company since the establishment, with the Chinese academy of sciences, xinjiang agricultural university and other research institutes to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, the company technology center, quality inspection center with the gas phase and liquid phase, atomic absorption and other advanced testing and experimental apparatus, has a perfect quality assurance system, the implementation of strict quality control standards, to ensure the quality of the company's products absolutely qualified and innovative products in the industry leading level. Strict quality control system, the management idea of "green gives health" and highly responsible attitude to health make yu technology won the recognition of global customers, products are exported to North America, Europe and the asia-pacific region, and many other countries.